Community tools

We are maintaining solutions for monitoring validators’ uptime to keep track if any validators is missing blocks, jailed or tombstoned, on the following chains

We also maintain public nodes on the following chains

Validator nodes or fullnodes tools

Additionally, we have developed a set of tools that might be handful and useful for people who maintain validator nodes or fullnodes. All of these tools are open-source, so you can use them in your own setup as you’d like.


A Prometheus exporter that will return a various information about the specified validators, like uptime, delegators count, rewards amount, etc. A validator can use it to make fancy dashboards for their delegators, or for their personal use.



A Prometheus exporter that will return the balances of specified wallets on multiple chains. That might be useful for monitoring balances of ReStake wallets, for example, a ReStake operator can build alerts if the wallet amount falls below a specific threshold.



A Prometheus exporter that will return the node data about the node sync status, voting power, Cosmovisor upgrades and many more. That might be useful for node operators or validators to base their alerts upon.



A tool to check if your specific wallets haven’t voted on proposals and let you know via PagerDuty or Telegram. We are using it to avoid skipping voting on any governance proposals on chains we are validating.



A tool to track specific transactions on multiple chains and to report them to you.



A set of Ansible playbooks to bootstrap a fullnode on a Cosmos-like network, set up a monitoring scrapers, tools to scrape logs and many more.